Pure joy in mixed media with Rebecca Peirce

By | December 1, 2015

It has been a while since Brisbane saw an art exhibition of such joy. Rebecca Peirce’s solo show at Brisbane Modern Art Gallery demonstrated a display of uninhibited imagination combined with a dream-like interpretation of the world.

With Rebecca’s work sometimes associated with “baking a cake,” impasto needs a new definition! The bold flowers literally pour out of the canvas, delighting with their full volume and popping petals in luminous, vibrant colours. These delicious looking flowers could brighten up any room! Or maybe you want a little fantasy in your world, eager to bring a little childhood magic into everyday life? Then perhaps one of the perplexing, yet enigmatic, faces recalling the subconscious reality of dreams will take your fancy. In these works, tension between colour and texture results in their transcendent personalities.

The artist herself describes her work as in the”act of becoming, changing, evolving or resisting,” with a variety of colours and textures attempting to “heighten these states of flux.”

A Sydney based artist, Peirce runs Traffic Jam Galleries, and exhibits her work internationally. Her work is regularly available at Brisbane Modern Art Gallery, and can be found on the gallery’s website.


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