Welcome to Brushword Art Space.

If you are here, you probably enjoy art, are interested in art history, or are an art collector yourself.

Brushword Art Space is run by its founder, Helen Gramotnev, a Russian-born Australian Art Historian, Curator and Consultant.

At Brushword, you will find a range of ART SERVICES available to you.

Firstly, I can connect you with award winning artists, and help you find a unique piece of art for your home and/or office. It has been shown that art can enhance office productivity and socialisation, not to mention the stimulating touch a well-chosen piece can bring into your living environment. I can help you find an artist whose work will complement your living/working space.

Brushword Art Space offers curatorial services to exhibit contemporary artists, and art writing services to promote upcoming exhibitions.

In the digital age of our 21st century, art has become more accessible than ever before. Maybe there isn’t always a brush or paint, but then our experience of art today is so much more diverse than it ever was possible. I am interested in how Contemporary art is evolving, and equally in how Old Masters and Modern artists are perceived in the digital age of today. Without a past we cannot have a continuation into the future. I believe that art does not exist in a vacuum, but is a product of its environment and that which has come before. And the digital age provides wonderful opportunities for bringing all art closer to its audiences, and for helping all of us better understand the direction of art today.

We seek art. We talk about art. We observe it. We take it home (or wish that we could!).

Enjoy your visit. Hope you come by again soon,

Helen G