Featured artist – Donald J Waters

DonWatersDonald James Waters is an Australian artist who embraces free creative expression to create his mesmerizing compositions. Described as a Contemporary Artist, Donald’s work transcends genres and exhibits a truly unique, eclectic painting style. His urban landscapes bring in elements of fantasy, dream-like distortion of reality, allowing us to see a somewhat naïve yet compelling look on life. His images of lands full of fantasy, where the world reveals inversions, twists and layers inconceivable in a rational perspective, always have a human component to them. The human figures are connecting the viewer with the inner world of the artist, taking them on a personal journey through a fantasy, engulfing and absorbing, and so difficult to look away from!

Don’s career spans over three decades and his works have made into far corners of the world, including the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He sees art as an adventure to be experienced by both the artist and the viewer, like “driving into a new land and looking down into a valley he has never seen before.”

‘The biggest canvas that you can handle’ is a common requirement in his workshops, reflecting his larger-than-life attitude to both life and art. And size is not a joke here: Donald’s recent commissions for the Gold Coast City Council and the Police Headquarters in Roma Street, Brisbane, measure 3m x 2m and 3.2m x 7m respectively!

Channel your feelings into a jar of paint and spread freely over your canvas! The result – astonishing colour, imaginative world opening up before us, and a composition you can look and look at.

To take a look at Don’s art you can visit his webpage or his Facebook page.