Featured artist – Viktoria Prischedko

From free flowing, luminous colour washes emerge majestic cathedral roofs, beautiful European streets and landscapes that seemed to have been ‘breathed’ onto the paper!

It is not possible for Viktoria Prischedko’s water colour paintings to leave the viewer emotionless. You will feel! Her colours, textures and compositions sing, ache and sigh, while giving just enough fine detail to make you stop and focus. The delicate balance between fine detail and hazy wash speaks volumes of the artist’s intuitive sense for composition and her impeccable skills in handling the water colour techniques. It is perfection! The glowing change of colour, the light falling so naturally through the paintings, the fragile shadows evoked yearning curiosity towards the places she depicts and really strike a chord.

Viktoria’s vibrant colours are created from just 3-5 colour selections per painting. Yet the result is colour bouncing right off the paper. And she makes it look so effortless!

Viktoria’s education was at the Academy of Visual Arts, Kiev (Ukraine). While she resides in Germany, her art has made a mark all around Europe with numerous prizes awarded for her work. No wonder why – here is a demonstration (in French):

If you love the work, you can see more on her Facebook page or on her website.