John Lovett – the magic of watercolours

By | September 20, 2017

Welcome to the magical world of atmospheric landscapes, contoured buildings and beautiful bricks walls. John Lovett’s watercolour paintings present a delicate, and yet a stately, expression of the world seen through this artist’s experienced eye. Colours sing off the paper and the allusive forms in paint, ink and pencil emerge in perfectly balanced compositions.

The emotional depth conveyed through each piece allows the viewer to focus on a fragile detail, often fleeting in the whirlpool of visual stimulus experienced throughout everyday lives. In the misty atmosphere of Venetian canals, we feel the coolness of air, the moisture touching our skin, and smell the water seeping through the city. In the glorious Australian landscape luminous colours flood the image with life itself, reminding us of some forgotten joy of our childhood. John’s ability to see beauty in simplest forms enables him to connect with deepest desires, as if urging us to try and notice a little more of our world every day. This lust for life seeps through his oeuvre – both moving and reassuring at the same time.

For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolour make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. The opportunity to meander somewhere between mastery and complete lack of control during the course of a painting make it one of the most engaging mediums.” [John Lovett]

With over 35 solo exhibitions and many more group exhibitions behind him, John’s work is represented in private and corporate collections in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. He regularly features in “International Artist” magazine. His numerous publication, DVDs and his painting blog are not only a wonderful resource for learning artists, but are a testament to the thought he invests into his painting process. His warmth and approachability ensure a relaxed and positive environment in his workshops, bringing out the wonderfully unexpected in his students.  He regularly hosts popular painting retreats for his students that combine uninterrupted immersion into the world of watercolour with a travel experience.

For more information please visit John’s artist website and blog.


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