Magic in a bowl!

By | August 11, 2016

A big bowl, paint, and an apron.

Every artist starts with a blank canvas. But not every journey arrives at its destination. When this artist fills up his bowl with dark liquid, the journey evolves right before our eyes! We all know the final product. It is the process though that becomes the art – addictive and mesmerising. A dark mass evolves into brushstrokes, shapes and emotions. The artist is a wizard. It’s not just a brush – it’s a magic wand, and the liquids seem to obey its commands. This fragile art can be destroyed in an instant. One long swish and the image is lost… but a circle is only a circle for ordinary mortals. For a magician it could be anything. A sun? A planet? The haunting face of a disturbed artist? I can’t look away…


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